RIKEN Quantum, which started its activities in FY2023 at RIKEN, brings together researchers from various research fields within RIKEN to promote quantum computational science.

In order to further develop the activities of RIKEN Quantum as a platform, we are now offering an environment to use quantum computers for fixed-term young researchers outside RIKEN through the RIKEN Quantum Collaborative Research Proposals.

Up to 60,000 yen per month will be awarded based on the effort rate.

Please see  "Call for RIKEN Quantum Collaborative Research Proposals" for details.
You can easily apply to this call for proposals from the link below.
RIKEN Quantum Collaborative Research Proposal Application Form

The immediate deadline for applications is [Friday, June 21]. We are still accepting applications!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Fujii at the e-mail address below.
We encourage fixed-term young researchers interested in quantum computation to apply actively.

Shinichiro Fujii (Coordinator, Ph.D.)
TRIP Headquarters / iTHEMS, RIKEN
e-mail: sfujii_AT_riken.jp (please replace _AT_ with @.)